Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cold, cold winter in Moab

It’s probably the coldest winter in Moab in a long time, we hear from the old timers. We’ve been riding up until late December, but we are getting some snow this year and the temps are definitely low… woke up this morning to 5 below. We’ve been hiking quite a bit to get some exercise, but it’s a little slippery for mountain biking. Those Surly fat tire (Really fat!) bikes are fun in the snow. No land speed records, but a nice change of pace. We’re getting desperate for some “real” heart thumping exercise and have promised ourselves to join the South Side Gym.. tomorrow.

One winter tour this year… we had a very interesting and charming couple from Australia (Sydney) call us about mountain biking a couple days on January 2nd and 3rd. They had flown to New York and were working their way across the country. I suggested they fly to Tucson instead of Moab so they would have suitable weather. They said, no, that they have wanted to see Moab for years. They are avid mountain bikers and would be happy just to see the place.

We ended up taking them on a driving and hiking tour around the Parks (Of course!) and up to Fisher Tower off of River Road. They were blown away by the scenery and we did break a sweat in some speed walking on Intrepid Mountain Bike Trail at Dead Horse State Park. The good news… they will be back in June to do our Desert Survival Course! We look forward to seeing them again and giving the mountain bike experience justice!

Las Vegas

Pat and I went to Vegas for a week because we had a cheap place to stay and we heard the biking there was pretty good… it was.  Yes, we did a few “Vegas Things” like a show and a couple of outrageous meals on the strip.  The rest of the time we played daytime tourist at places like Lake Mead and Valley of Fire… beautiful.  Hoover Dam was impressive.  Anyhow, what about the photo above?  Well, we had a mountain bike guide at Cottonwood Canyon outside about 20 miles outside of town.  It was very pretty and more desert-like with the flaura and fauna found over there.

I have to tell you, it was wonderful having a guide.  The dude in the photo is Merrick and we ran into him at a local bike shop when we went in to ask directions.  He said, “Dudes, I came to Las Vegas to ride bikes!  C’mon, I’ll ride with ya!”  Well, his was the nicest guy and boy, could he ride a bike.  I’ve seen riders that good before, but they are far and few between.  It was such a pleasure to not have to search for the trailhead and all the other details that frustrated us on this trip when we were self-guided.  What a pleasure!  Need I say with our very strong bias… it’s better with a guide for so many reasons and it’s worth the money!