Monthly Archives: March 2013

Do you like Solfun’s designs?

Ever wonder who designs Solfun’s logo, web site, printed material, signage…everything?  Why would I work with someone who resolutely refuses to ride a mountain bike?  He’s John Boak.  I sold high-quality color printing to John for his annual reports and other tasty projects, for about 25 years. It was a natural to ask him to design for Solfun as I was already spoiled by the Boaks I have hanging in our home and office.   I love the biker dude logo he created…. I was the model! 

To the left is one of John’s recent creations.  Pat says, “No more art, Allan!”  If you have a moment check out John’s web site.  I think he is so very clever and imaginative.  It’s really fun to see his mind at work.

Does beer compliment mountain biking?

Is an apre ride beer an essential part of mountain biking in Moab? I think it is a great end to an awesome ride. We cannot include beer on our tours since we do not have a liquor license. We tell our guests when they book that they might want to bring some beer with them on the tour and we’ll supply the cooler… a happy ending to an exciting day on the trail. I thought this photo of my friend, Dave Harlan and me says just that!

A guest’s band visits Moab

We get some very interesting guests at Solfun… Roger Bolt is one of them.  He rode with us a few years ago and has kept in touch.  We encouraged him to come back with his band and play in Moab at Frankie D’s.  We know Moab would go nuts over Roger and his band.

The type of person who would spend the money to travel all the way to Moab is usually a very live wire.  We meet a lot of people who are just fascinating and so much fun to ride with on our tours.  A mountain biker is a special breed of cat, not unlike athletes in other sports, but unique to mountain biking in it’s own way.  A lot of mountain bikers are skiers and snowboarders… adrenaline junkies?

Enjoy Roger’s video of his band.  Is he not one very cool dude?

Bad Girl’s Groove

Skiing and Snowboarding

Pat and I got out of town to ski and snowboard in Big Sky, Montana, Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Park City and The Canyons in Utah.  It dawned on us that it would be loads of fun to ski with some of our past guests, which we did a bit of last year at Park City.   We’re gonna take notes on guests who ski and invite them to join us next year.

It’s really fun skiing and riding with people we have mountain biked with; cementing a long term relationship.  (We are still friends with our first Solfun guests, Brad and Keith.)  We might develop a package we could offer to include mountain biking in Moab and skiing in Telluride…2-1/2 hours of very scenic driving.   We do get some bookings in March from guests coming here from a ski destination.  Skiing the west and mountain biking Moab on the same trip is about as good as life can get.

We have some friends coming here this month from Steamboat to thaw out.  That is just what we did when we lived in Steamboat… April 15th and we were heading’ to Moab to play on that slickrock!  That champagne powder in The Boat is amazing and they had a pretty good year as far as snow goes.  We got there right after a big dump… perfect.