Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Guest’s first win

Pat and I have operated Solfun for 12 years now and we have many friends who we first met as Solfun guests. We share vacations with them as they return to Moab and we often meet up during the winter to ski or snowboard together. Chris and Tiffany from Denver were Solfun guests about five years ago. It was their first on a mountain bike and later that winter I taught them basic snowboarding. They are both competitive mountain bikers now and Chris just had his first win… he’s the guy in the green hat on the podium!

We just love spending time on the trails with our guests as they catch the mountain biking bug. We bask in the day’s adrenaline and a beer after the ride or going to dinner together at the end of the day. We like the Mexican at Miguel’s… I order The Whole Enchilada.