Monthly Archives: July 2013

Camelot lodge

We used to put up many of our tours at Camelot Lodge which, sadly, no longer is in biz. They were located on the far side of Hurrah Pass on the Colorado River. Took a spirt of adventure just to get there! We rode our bikes all over that end of the Moab Desert and then some. Included in each tour was a camel ride. The guy in this photo is Brad who was one of our first guests. He has been here many times and we still stay in touch. He’s a very cool guy and if you look carefully he’s wearing bike clothes…he’s not the hairy one. Not as much fun as sand boarding, but a real change of pace from mountain biking.


We got a call from my team mate, Scott Anfang, who taught with me at snowboard school in Steamboat Springs. Scott ended up heading up the snowboard school and is also a long time member of the US Snowboard Demo Team. He wanted to know if I had an old beater board I would loan to one of his mates from the Demo Team. This hot dog wanted to ride down the steep sand dune north of Moab across from Arches National Park. (You drive past it anytime you come to Moab.)

As you can see from he video, it works. Gotta say I’ve wanted to try the same thing for years. Maybe more wax on the board next time! Guess we can add another cool sport to the Moab adventure. Have you tried the new Zip Line?

Moab Flowers

Picture flying down a badass Moab trail with some nasties and very colorful distractions. Whoa! What is that flower? I tell you, Moab has some of the most beautiful flowers and they contrast vividly with the earth tones all around us. When I stop and run to take a quick photo with my iPhone, I see more of them and try to figure out which ones make the best shot. It’s hard to get good focus when there is a breeze, which is all the time… almost. It’s so beautiful here, especially with all the rain we have been getting. I swear the sage brush by our house grew a foot yesterday after a big gusher.