A guest’s band visits Moab

We get some very interesting guests at Solfun… Roger Bolt is one of them.  He rode with us a few years ago and has kept in touch.  We encouraged him to come back with his band and play in Moab at Frankie D’s.  We know Moab would go nuts over Roger and his band.

The type of person who would spend the money to travel all the way to Moab is usually a very live wire.  We meet a lot of people who are just fascinating and so much fun to ride with on our tours.  A mountain biker is a special breed of cat, not unlike athletes in other sports, but unique to mountain biking in it’s own way.  A lot of mountain bikers are skiers and snowboarders… adrenaline junkies?

Enjoy Roger’s video of his band.  Is he not one very cool dude?

Bad Girl’s Groove

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