Biking & Hiking the Northwest & British Columbia

Harbor at Newport, Oregon where we devoured clam chowder and beer apres ride.

Pat and I just returned from a four week vacation of mountain biking and hiking in the Northwest and British Columbia.  It was great to ride in so many places we have heard about for years.  Yep, we got to Whistler and rode some of the beginner and intermediate downhill including some bridges on cross country trails.  Ya know, I thought intermediate level bridges would be safe enough (It was.), but being about four feet above the ground, fraught with big boulders, was scary enough for us.  That’s a big drop, even by Moab standards!

We ran into some fellow mountain bikers who showed us around Whistler and we had fun eating and partying with them at night.  We could not get over how beautiful BC is and need to go back and stay longer/ride more.  On the way up we missed a turn and ended up driving through downtown Vancouver… big and beautiful city.  Thinking next time we can get away like that we might spend the whole trip in BC.

We ate about 70 pounds of seafood along the Oregon Coast.  What a treat that was!  We stayed in Newport, Oregon for a few days and did all the tourist stuff.  Did some beach/cliff hiking.  We heard about the riding at Bend, Oregon for many years and made it there.  Very fun single track is what we rode mostly and, of course, we did the “tour” of some of Bend’s microbrews…. I think they have about six of them and they were at least as much fun as the Moab Brewery!  The beer at the Deschutes Brewery was the best.

As we drove back to Moab, I started getting excited about sleeping in my own bed… and riding some slickrock.  Every time we go away to ride we love the change of pace, and… I’m reminded of why we are in Moab.  I just love the mystical scenery and the smooth, flowing slickrock!  Rock ‘n roll!

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