Do you like Solfun’s designs?

Ever wonder who designs Solfun’s logo, web site, printed material, signage…everything?  Why would I work with someone who resolutely refuses to ride a mountain bike?  He’s John Boak.  I sold high-quality color printing to John for his annual reports and other tasty projects, for about 25 years. It was a natural to ask him to design for Solfun as I was already spoiled by the Boaks I have hanging in our home and office.   I love the biker dude logo he created…. I was the model! 

To the left is one of John’s recent creations.  Pat says, “No more art, Allan!”  If you have a moment check out John’s web site.  I think he is so very clever and imaginative.  It’s really fun to see his mind at work.

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