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How much experience do I need?

The skill level of our tours range from novice to advanced. Let us know how you rate your Skill/Fitness Level and make sure that you are not choosing a tour that is too difficult for you. You’re on vacation, not a marathon! We typically ride 4 to 6 hours a day.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancellations prior to 60 days of your Solfun Moab vacation will be refunded all money received minus a handling fee per person. Cancellations between 60 and 30 days prior to the biking tour trip will result in forfeiting your deposit. If you cancel less than 30 days before the tour, you will forfeit the full price. We recommend you purchase trip insurance through an independent agency.

Do you rent bikes?

Rental of a mountain bike is included in your Moab bike tour price. Tell us your height & weight and let us know if you plan to bring your own clipless pedals, seat or helmet. We have new, full suspension, disk brake fat tire bikes to fit all riders.

How is the food on my tour?

We eat well! Solfun mountain bike tour meals are hearty and delicious – after all, you’re on a Moab vacation. We can accommodate special diets, including vegetarian and low-fat diets. Be sure to let us know if you have a special diet request when you make your reservation. Bring your own liquor and we’ll supply cooler power.

What do I need to carry while mountain biking in Moab?

We supply you with a Solfun mountain bike, helmet and water bottle.  Our guide will do any repairs if they come up. Solfun’s Moab bike guides carry a first aid kit and extra tools. We’ll have snacks available for half-day mountain bike tours and lunch for full day tours when we’ll eat on the bike trails.

Things to bring on your Moab, Utah mountain bike tour:

A day pack roomy enough to carry your gear and extra water. We have water-bladder day packs for rent if you don’t have our own.

50oz. of water for a half-day Moab biking excursion or 100 oz. for a full day bike tour. In high summer you should increase that amount by 50%. For mountain bike tours the ideal arrangement is 100 oz. Camelback-type bladders, but water bottles holding these amounts will fit into your pack. Water is critical while biking Moab because of the heat and dryness.

Sunscreen to apply often during your mountain bike tour.

A polypropylene vest/jacket and rain jacket. It can rain any day on Moab’s bike trails, even if it is desert country. It pays to be prepared to ensure a comfortable experience. Dress warmer in early spring (March) or late fall (late October & November). The Utah canyonlands can be chilly.

Bike gloves, pants, shoes and shirt, if you have them. If you don’t have bike clothes, wear shorts, shirt and athletic shoes. If you have your own mountain bike pedals and bike shoes, bring them and we’ll install the pedals for you. Long pants and an extra jacket or shirt if you’ve scheduled your Moab vacation in the early spring or late fall – or if the day’s Utah forecast is for chilly weather.

A camera – to capture the drama and beauty you won’t find anywhere but on a Moab mountain biking tour and to record your vacation experience.

What will the weather be like?

We try to schedule our Solfun tour trips during the best weather times on Moab biking trails. However, Utah weather is never predictable and in any month mountain biking tours are scheduled, you need to come prepared for a variety of weather situations. Since our van carries all the gear, you have plenty of room to bring what you need. You don’t come on a Moab vacation to be uncomfortable, after all.

Is there any hiking?

You bet. The areas in which Solfun offers mountain bike tours also offer great side hikes along the trail where you’ll see dinosaur tracks or perhaps some Indian petroglyphs. We’ll make sure your Moab vacation includes lots of interesting and informative tidbits about local modern and geological history and Utah’s flora and fauna.

What about tipping?

What about tipping? Tipping certainly is not required, but our Moab tour guides and support staff gratefully appreciate tips as a way of expressing your thanks for a job well done.

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