The Scenic Route to Moab

If you would like a scenic route to Moab try this variation.

Leaving Grand Junction, heading west, youʼll pass the small town of Fruita, about 9 miles from Grand Junction. Keep following I-70 for a fairly long stretch (38 miles or so), until you see EXIT 214, Danish Flats. Take this exit, turn left, drive under the underpass, and take a right hand turn and continue to follow US-6 BR.

Donʼt be surprised if you feel like you might be going in the wrong direction. You will pass Cisco, which is basically a ghost town. To see a resident sighting is rare. Just keep driving and you will soon arrive to one the most beautiful roads in the country.

Once you arrive at a reverse-t in the road… Take a left at the stop sign and head toward Moab. If you go straight, you will end back up on I-70 and miss the scenic

You should be facing Moabʼs LaSal Mountains in the distance. Seven, 12 thousand ft. peaks.

The raging Colorado River should be visible within about 10 to 15 miles. At which point, you have entered the Moab-zone.

Welcome! Enjoy the next hour cruising next to the river as you will see some of the most scenic viewpoints in the country.

At the end of the “river road”, you will get to a stop sign and TURN LEFT, toward Moab. The town is about 2 1/2 miles from this turn.

Hope you loved that drive as much as we do.

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