Moab Restaurants

Moab restaurants offer a wide variety of options.

Dinner out at the Moab Brewery with some of our fellow trail blazers. Getting to know our guests is the best part of our job at Solfun. We enjoy a high percentage of return riders.

Quesadilla Moab
At this time in space, our favorite food in Moab. It’s absolutely scrumptious. The last time we looked it had the highest restaurant rating on Trip Advisor. It’s a huge food wagon with a can’t miss identity parked in the center of town most the time. You can’t order The Whole Enchillada here… they specialize in quesadillas. Yours is prepared when you order it, which takes about seven minutes. I like the New Mexico Identity Crisis… quesadilla that is.

Desert Bistro
One the classiest restaurants in Moab is located in a beautiful old farm house from the late 1800’s. Good wine, excellent food, and million dollar sunset views from the pretty patio.

Bucks Grill House
Best steak dinner and homemade dessert in town . Located just north of town & worth the 5 minute drive it takes to get there. Bucks grill House… classy and satisfying.

Jeffrey’s Steakhouse
We like the food at Jefferies every bit as much as Buck’s and we would call it a toss up. Jeffery’s is smaller and more intimate. Their Ghost Bar upstairs is cosy and romantic.

Sabaku Sushi
We are sushi fans and feel Subaku is very good. We have guests from Hong Kong who agree. They have been open for a few years, so Moab agrees with us. One very nice way to get seafood in Moab. They have a happy hour (food) with half price dishes. Check with them to see what days and hours they are doing when you are here.

Pasta Jays
An Italian restaurant in the heart of town that’s as deliciously saucy as you could ever hope for. A fantastic selection of specials, and large outside patio seating. As you are driving into town, you can’t miss it. 20 minute weight to get a table? Walk across the street to Slickrock Cafe. Great live music, best bar tender & bar view of LaSal mountains – in town.

Miguels Baja Grill
Solfun’s favorite Mexican food in town. A lot of their food is locally grown which makes it even better. One of the best features of Miguels is the quaint restaurant setting while drinking their famous margarita. They taste incredible after a long day of riding.

Moab Brewery
A favorite local hangout. The cheeseburgers are excellent and the refreshing beer is a delight after a long day. If you’re over 21, just head straight to the bar scene… that’s where all the fun is!

Love Muffin Cafe
This place is the best. Delectable breakfast/lunch, muffins, great coffee in a genuine atmosphere.

Moab Diner
This place is known for being open all the time, huge portion meals, delicious, and fast. Get what you want, when you want it.

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