Moab Rides

Moab Mountain Bike Rides

These are some of our favorite Moab mountain bike rides.  We have over 100 and more are being built every year.  Your interests and ability guide us in picking rides you’ll enjoy most.

Novice Moab Rider:

You (and others in your party) can ride a half or full day tour on gently rolling and relatively smooth terrain.  Let us know if you are up for easy single track or prefer more room and like to ride on dirt roads. How is your fitness? Do you mountain bike at home? Are you a “Roadie”? What other sports do you enjoy?

Intermediate Moab Rider:

Rides are primarily on single track with hilly terrain, some rocks, small ledges and on moderate hills with short steeps up and down.  These rides are most enjoyed when you are physically fit.  Can you ride off camber terrain?  Do you have a fear of heights?

Advanced Rider:

You are an experienced technical rider in very good condition.  You can effectively do bunny hops and ride up to 3+ foot ledge drops, tight switchbacks, and 18″ ledge ups.  You can ride safely over rock gardens and off camber terrain.  You can ride hard and fast for six hours.  Please be sure to pick a level of riding that fits all in your party.  Do you have a fear of heights?

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