Amasa Back (from town)

Amasa Back is all about bumps and humps: There are lots of minor step humps you’ve got to ride up and over, and some of them will take practice before you actually make it.  With each and every little hump you dominate, the more fun this Moab bike tour becomes. For gonzo riders, Jackson Trail is a very advanced alternative the downhill enthusiast won’t want to miss.  Expect big four-foot drops, exposure, hike-a-bike through the stream at bottom and a lot more.

Before you know it you’ll turn around and your jaw will drop. Arches National Park, Slick Rock and seven of the LaSals’ 12,000 ft. snowcapped peaks are the backdrop for this Moab biking adventure.
As soon as we make it to the top (approximately six miles) you can see  Moab’s desert in all directions, including Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River.  The downhill ride back is exceptional.  One of Solfun’s very best Moab bike tours.
Isn’t mountain biking Utah great?

22 miles total of rugged Moab biking challenge. You’ll deserve to feel good about yourself when it’s all over.

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