Bartlett Slick Rock

“What you can’t get out of, get into wholeheartedly” -Migon Mclaughlin

It’s a little like climbing up onto Ayer’s Rock in Australia. Push your aluminum wheels up onto this new world of Moab biking options: easy to advanced bowls of curvy, sweeping excitement. Barlett even comes complete with a half pipe – something to behold.
The slick rock here is extremely smooth and carved. It could have been created by an inspired and very original sculptor working on a grand scale.

We like to use Bartlett as a training ground for intermediate and advanced guests who want to ratchet up their riding skills to include the Slick Rock Trail and other slick rock steeps. But, you can try out the different Moab biking options from athletic beginner to advanced daredevil. We also get into riding off-camber (surface angles) to demonstrate how well your tires grip some of the sandstone surface angles you might be wary of.

Bartlett is also great for any guest who likes to catch some good, even artistic photos of the majesty of Moab. Lunch usually lasts a little longer on Bartlett so we can soak up the views and watch the peregrine falcons, ravens and cliff swallows show off. Other than their calls, this is a world of quiet and wonder.

*Bartlett has just expanded (May 12, 2010) to more than double it’s original spectacular, adrenaline packed terrain! There are several other new trails about to open as well. Solfun is involved in Moab’s new trail program and will keep you informed.

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