Klondike Bluffs

klondike bluffs

This is the perfect trail for mountain bikers who are moderately fit novices or intermediate visitors to canyon country. Advanced riders can also test their skills on the slick rock trail up to the top of Baby Steps, a more advanced single track ride (see below).

Klondike begins with a perfect amount of easy double track to loosen your legs and get pumped up. Then it’s on to “The Land Before Time” – massive dinosaur tracks lead the way up the modest 2.5 miles on smooth, undulating Kayenta sandstone. The slick rock turns into a wide, fun trail leading to Arches National Park, where we park to enjoy a short hike into Arches for lunch and some dramatic photo ops of the red and white hoodoo rock formations.

The trail back down gives us the advanced option of mountain biking the techno single track of Baby Steps or continuing a smooth, carving moderate downhill back to the Solfun van and some frosty beverages.

Bask in the afterglow of our exciting journey through time before heading back to Moab for a dip in the pool and dinner out.

Baby Steps is a single track route that forks off the Klondike Bluffs trail and can be an exhilarating downhill alternative for more advanced mountain biking.

Whoever named this ride “Baby Steps” had a sense of humor. Baby Steps is a Moab mountain biking treat for the advanced biker who loves single track and also is into technical riding. Sections of the trail call for good technical skills, focus, a love of things slick rock, and raw nerve.

Solfun’s Moab tour guides like to ride up Klondike and, after catching the view into Arches, ride down to the Baby Steps cut-off. It starts as an excellent route for speed merchants who want to catch easy air off low shelves. Fields of downhill slick rock lead up to a single track route, over and through rock formations positioned by the devil – up, down, jog left, short drop, big wheelie up, then hop over a wide crack.
End with your choice of a race back down Klondike or a cruise back to base in the van.

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