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“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of look at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”

This Moab mountain biking option include four rides (Bar M, Circle O, Flying A, Killer B) that can all be ridden in one day. Or you can cherry pick what best suits your interests, time and skill level. They’re linked and you may be tempted to ride them all while you’re biking Moab.

Bar M

The two track trail is a loop, which we ride briefly to get to the single track and slick rock trails above. Excellent for novice riders biking Moab for the first time. Cross loop routes can shorten the ride depending on how much trail you want to bite off. This is an awesome – but sane – ride we really enjoy.

Circle O

A new Moab mountain biking slick rock trail, for intermediate and advanced riders. 90 minute to 2 hour ride will keep you on your toes with lots of up and down shallow slick rock hills and gullies. Use both upper and lower body muscles to navigate the twists and turns. Novices take note: You can get back to town on a fast, smooth, easy downhill paved path. It’s not all about biking Moab – there’s also a great hike down to a dramatic, beautiful canyon below the trail, looking into Arches National Park.

Flying A

Nifty single track is about four miles of hooting, giggling Moab mountain biking fun with pack dirt, smooth, fast-moving sections as well as slick rock challenges to ride over and off. Great for showing off intermediate and advanced techniques. You may want to rent our body armor and you’ll definitely understand why you came Moab mountain biking with a Solfun expert bike guide. This single track trail will test and advance your mountain biking skills.

Killer B

If you’re into dramatic biking, Moab’s Killer B is a single track trail with a steep section and moderate shelves (body armor recommended!). Confession: We often get off our bikes and walk this section – unless a guest challenges the bike guide’s prowess. Get home bragging rights (I was biking Moab!) by riding a few feet while we snap your picture. This spectacular – and hard – Moab mountain biking challenge is about two miles.

After your day of mountain biking, Moab Brewery calls. You might need to shower first.


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