Slickrock (from town)

slickrock from town

“Make friends with pain and you will never be alone” -Ken Chlouber

Classic Slickrock is about as tough a Moab bike trail as you can ask for and for gonzo-class mountain biking enthusiasts, we make it even more of a challenge.

This world-class skateboard park is for hardy mountain bikers that aren’t afraid to feel the burn. Use all your skills for high traction riding. You’ll need them to get up and down Slickrock’s countless steep, petrified sand dunes. When you ride miles on this startlingly impressive sandstone you learn a totally new perspective on Moab mountain biking: So hard but so rewarding.

Believe us when we say you’ll earn that beer!

Estimated 4 – 8 hours of ride time; 20 miles.


$130 Per guest — Includes rental bike/helmet, guide/instruction, photography, lunch, energy bar, apres ride refreshments (BYOB).

Slickrock Trail

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