Tusher Slick Rock Wonder

Tusher Slick Rock Wonder

“I dream for a living” -Steven Spielberg

Even the drive into these unique and adventuresome Moab bike trails is a treat. “Seeps” trickle down to the canyon floor on our approach to the day’s Moab biking adventure. Flowers and other desert greenery grow well in the small pockets of lushness against the slick rock.

Tusher Slick Rock Wonder is an intermediate ride that, if you wish, we can step up to more advanced mountain biking by picking more technical routes. You’ll relish the adventure as we improve your off-camber riding skills, skimming over the top of the Tusher Butte with big vistas to both the east and west.

It’s hard to snap a photo here that won’t impress your mountain biking friends or anyone else. When they see what you rode in the Canyonlands of Utah, they’ll be convinced you deserve bragging rights for your Moab biking exploits. We love to take photos of you “lookin’ good!” on some of the premier Moab bike trails and hikes. We often get off our steeds and walk to an overlook or perhaps some dinosaur tracks to capture some of the greatest views and history that Utah – America – has to offer.


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