Skiing and Snowboarding

Pat and I got out of town to ski and snowboard in Big Sky, Montana, Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Park City and The Canyons in Utah.  It dawned on us that it would be loads of fun to ski with some of our past guests, which we did a bit of last year at Park City.   We’re gonna take notes on guests who ski and invite them to join us next year.

It’s really fun skiing and riding with people we have mountain biked with; cementing a long term relationship.  (We are still friends with our first Solfun guests, Brad and Keith.)  We might develop a package we could offer to include mountain biking in Moab and skiing in Telluride…2-1/2 hours of very scenic driving.   We do get some bookings in March from guests coming here from a ski destination.  Skiing the west and mountain biking Moab on the same trip is about as good as life can get.

We have some friends coming here this month from Steamboat to thaw out.  That is just what we did when we lived in Steamboat… April 15th and we were heading’ to Moab to play on that slickrock!  That champagne powder in The Boat is amazing and they had a pretty good year as far as snow goes.  We got there right after a big dump… perfect.

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