3 bikers on slick rock

Travel: Big Red

That afternoon at Solfun, a mountain-bike tour company, we meet Allan Poertner, who explains that he founded the outfitter in Denver in 2000. Then, on a trip to southern Utah a few years later, he and his wife decided to open in Moab, too, “because the scenery blew us away,” he says. We’re soon pedaling on slickrock and wheeling past cacti while Poertner reminds everyone of safety and techniques—and keeps us laughing. The surface of the plateau in the Merrimac Butte area north of Moab looks like Mars, and while he leads, Poertner tells stories of crazy wipeouts and even guide jokes such as, “What do you call a snowboard instructor who just broke up with his girlfriend?… Homeless.”

Trip Advisor:

“Amazing Mountain Bike Experience”


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