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Allan it was 8 years ago when you first guided our group in the Moab desert. You shared your wisdom and taught me to respect the beauty and the danger. I'm now as old as you were then and those lessons I carry with me today. I credit your sage advice with protecting our group from harm this september when we encountered thunderstroms on Amasaback. I knew the weather could deteriorate and packed accordingly. When the storm rolled in I gathered those who would listen to descend while we could still cross Kane Creek. When the tardy riders showed up underdressed, wet, hypothermic and scared and unable to cross the creek my small party was on the safe shore and able to get help and do a rescue. Many thanks to you. Seven men don't know the part you played but are greatful to be home with their families today. -- John Chiasson

Hi Allan and Pat, We had a great time today at Bar M and Dead Horse Point. The riding was perfect for everyone, and the views were spectacular. It was a pleasure spending the day with Chris. His friendly ways made it easy to enjoy his company, and his gentle instruction helped us all become better riders. Thanks to everyone at Solfun for a splendid family vacation day! (Oh, and if you had to sacrifice anyone in head office to ensure that we had slightly cooler temperatures today, I just want you to know it was totally worth it!)


SOLFUN DOES IT AGAIN!! Because I had such a wonderful experience with them last year, I again booked Solfun for two private guided mountain bike rides. I had the pleasure of having Allan, the owner, as my guide both times this time. Coming from central IL, I am not used to this terrain, but Allan took me to the perfect trails for my skill and comfort levels- DinoFlow the first day and Big Chief loop the second. He even took me on a little bonus ride on Bartlett Wash so I could truly experience the famed Moab slickrock! Customer service is number one with Solfun and Solfun is number one with me!!!

I was visiting from New Zealand out of season (February) so I sent the team at Solfun a big challenge to find me some trails to ride - they delivered 100%. Allan - thanks for all the helpful emails and updates before I arrived and for scoping out the tracks. Chris was an awesome guide and a complete pro. He'll help you whatever your goals whether it's a cruisy ride or to take your skills to the next level. The hire bikes are top quality, you won't find better anywhere and mine turned up each morning spotlessly clean and lubed ready for action. Those lunchtime sandwiches were legendary too! If you are looking for a quality bike trip with the personal touch look no further than Solfun. Be sure to grab an after-ride beer at the Moab Brewery too!

As we are living in one of the flattest countries in the world every stone is a mountain. We are a family of four, two kids aged almost 12 and 15, with experience in road cycling and going off road. But Moab is different. It has its fame with the slick rock and splendid views. Our goal was to gain experience in cycling in more hilly and difficult terrain and get a taste of cycling on slick rock. Especially for the kids.And man did we succeed!  We simply had a blast! After searching the internet we got in contact with Pat and Allan. Later on had a chat with Pat at the phone to figure out some details like what kind of shoes to wear and we booked a full day tour.  Matt was our guide for the day and he picked us up at 7 sharp. To our surprise there where two guys in the bus. Mike, who was just starting at Solfun as a guide, also joined. That was a luxury, two guides for a party of four. We agreed with Matt what to do for the day. First we would focus on the cycling. Practice some techniques and do a little easy tour. Then have lunch and hit for the slick rock. Slick rock is pure biking heaven. The bikes grip till the end on the sandstone. Never lost traction. About Matt and Mike, our guides, they know the places to go with their party. On the bikes, the latest and the greatest. For all of us they had a bike that fitted well. Bikes are in great shape, excellent shifting and braking. Would I book again a trip st Solfun? If I'll ever have the change to return to Moab certainly I will. And not only for a day trip but at least for a week.

My friends and I had a “buddies trip” to Moab and it was one for the ages. Great times, great food, great drink and amazing mountain biking in one of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world. This means a lot being that we are from one of the other mountain biking “Meccas:” British Columbia. At the heart of it all was Solfun, our tour company. The charming owners, Pat and Allan, set us up with Heidi, our guide. Heidi took us on Slick Rock and Porcupine Rim. We even had time to squeeze in a rafting trip on the Colorado River which Solfun arranged for us. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." – Ferris Bueller. I will remember this trip forever!

Mark J. / Seattle, WA

On our first ever MTB trip to Moab we booked in with SolFun and they took care of pretty much everything we needed for a great experience. They always had the van & bikes ready to go in the morning with extra gear handy for those who needed it or forgot to bring theirs (helmets, armour, gloves, etc.). We got to ride all the best areas at a pace that suited our group’s ability and the post-ride refreshments we great. Heidi was our guide and we hope she’s still there when we go back!

Rebecca J / Austin TX

I put together so many of these trips and never once have I planned a trip around 1 activity – I always find activities around the places we go. That mentality has now changed – I’ll be planning trips around Solfun in the future.m very pleased with my experience with Solfun. The office staff are very helpful; the equipment is new and top drawer; the guides are fantastic; the experiences are extremely memorable. As a repeat customer, I have been under the guidance and tutelage of Allan, Matt, and Eric. We have ridden Intrepid, Bartlett’s Wash, 3M, Monitor and Merrimac and Klondyke. Each guide is as unique as each trail, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on every ride. “I’ll be back!”

Justin A / Rochester, NY

I take groups of my high school students on trips around the countries to different national parks and wanted to have a fun day while in Moab. I contacted a few different companies, but I went with Solfun because I immediately felt more valued as a customer than I did with others. We went riding with Heidi in late July and what we got in return was something far greater than what we could have asked for. The bikes were great, the trail was awesome, the views were incredible, and our guide was tremendous. The attitude of the company is so contagious and you can’t help but relax and have a great time. Heidi, specifically, was the ideal guide for our group. She provided some necessary instruction in the beginning, and then occasionally throughout the ride when we came up to a tricky part in the trail. But she also let us ride the trails the way we individually wanted to ride the trails based on our comfort level – and not feel like you’re always on the brake going 2 mph like some other tours I’ve done. One kid said to me that he couldn’t stop smiling the entire ride he was having so much fun (just so you know, this is coming from a kid who has the same mild expression on his face all day long). At the end of the trip it was agreed that this was the single best activity we did on our trip. It really was perfect.

John C / Denver, CO

Solfun Mountain Biking is the best company in my opinion for mountain biking. Not very good at mountain biking, don’t worry skill does not matter. The guides are the most loving, caring, responsible guides i have ever gotten to meet. They make sure that your as safe as can be. The have the top of the line gear so that you can have the best experience ever. I would definetely recommend solfun over any company. If you want the best experience of Moab mountain biking Solfun is the place for you.

We went on an evening guided ride and had an awesome time! Pat and Allan were excellent hosts, and were more than happy to accommodate our schedule. They took us on a ride that fit what we were looking for, provided information about the area while we were riding, and gave riding advice. We will definitely come back to Moab and Solfun again! This was one of the highlights of our road trip from Alberta down to the Everglades.

Kerry Edmonton / Alberta

“What a fantastic experience Solfun provided for myself and my two sons, ages 16 and 17. During the last week of June we were visiting Moab for the first time from San Diego, CA. Our guide, Matt, asked and assessed our ability level perfectly and selected an incredible area at a higher elevation that overlooked the river. Needless to say the scenery was spectacular!! We were provided with the best bikes and gear! Matt’s instructions and overall knowledge of EVERYTHING made for an incredible day. He was informative, with the instructions on all the specific mountain biking techniques, which helps to maximize the fun.”

Paul R. / Brea, CA

Tom Dillon, Moab icon, trail designer and author, hauling down EZ’s berms… one of the new rides at Moab Brands Trails.

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