Solfun was originally started in Moab in 2007 by Allan & Pat Poertner. Their passion for the Moab terrain led them to creating a business during their post-retirement years. Guiding, sunshine and fun was their motto until 2013 when they decided to retire for real. Confident that Mike and Maggie of Magpie Cycling could continue providing top notch tours in the Moab area, the business changed hands. 

Mike and Maggie have been guiding mountain biking and hiking tours since 1992 in the canyons and mountains of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and Mexico.  They also took over the mountain bike touring operations of Nichols Expeditions in Canyonlands National Park in July 2004.  Chuck & Judy Nichols chose to hand off the Canyonlands portion of their business which they began to build in the 1980’s specifically to Mike & Maggie knowing that the theme of personalized service from the owners would be preserved.

Solfun & Magpie Cycling emphasizes fun and education as well as safety and resource protection to inspire stewardship of public lands and maximize your cycling vacation experience!

We are also proud to have the first entirely BICP-certified staff in the world!





BICP Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor & Owner
Wilderness First Responder

Maggie landed in Moab, Utah in 1992 for a job working with the National Park Service at the Southeastern Utah Group as a Biologist. Federal budget cuts, Maggie’s enchantment with the Colorado Plateau’s High Desert and passion for outdoor adventures led her to a long career as a mountain bike tour guide and instructor.  Maggie is enthusiastic about teaching, learning and playing in the great outdoors. Her positive energy is contagious! She is also a Level 2 BICP certified instructor, dedicated to enhancing your MTB experience through knowledge.


BICP Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor & Owner

Wilderness First Responder

Since the training wheels came off on a farm in rural Minnesota in 1974, Mike Holme has been in love with two wheels. He began his bike industry career at age 11 in a Minneapolis bike shop fixing flats and learning everything he could about bikes. He loved the challenges of Freestyle BMX and was influenced by Greg LeMond as a teen to pursue road racing. Realizing the benefits of fitness and skill combined with dreams of dirt, Mike traveled to Crested Butte and Moab for the first time in 1989.  

Mike began to guide trips in the 1990s. By 2004, Mike was operating his own tour company, Magpie Cycling 

Currently, Mike enjoys the new Enduro racing format, helping build and maintain Moab’s new trails, and continuing to develop his own riding and teaching skills while sharing his knowledge with as many riders as possible. Mike has a passion for learning and teaching and is proud to be a BICP Level 3 instructor.



BICP Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor and Guide

Wilderness First Responder

“I was always drawn to the four corners region”
Mike came to Utah in 1984 to ” meet up with some friends in Park City and ski for a couple months”. Ha! That was the beginning of over 12 years of exploring the inter-mountain west. In those first couple years he discovered the mountain bike. It was during that time he discovered southern Utah and Moab.
In 1997 he moved to Moab and began his 20+ year guiding career as a white water rafting guide with OARS.
After a number of years splitting his time between Moab and SW Colorado, he’s been grounded here in Moab since 2008. Starting as a Guide/Instructor for Magpie Cycling in 2009, Mike has progressed through the Bike Instructor Certification Program to earn a level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor certification.  Guiding over 100 multi-day trips into the back country of the region has kept him busy, and he also enjoys leading Private Guided Rides and teaching Skills to daily visitors in Moab. Mike also has a great interest in natural and cultural history, and loves to share what he has learned. He’s also been known to have some fun!


BICP Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor and Guide

Wilderness First Responder

Mike Rundle is a passionate and experienced mountain bike instructor, guide, and rider from Nederland, Colorado. Mike received a bachelors degree in Southwest Studies from Ft. Lewis College and an associates in Outdoor Education from Colorado Mountain College, so be ready to learn more than just bike skills! 2019 marks his 5th year with Magpie, 17th season enjoying Moab, and his first year not living out of his Tacoma, aka Taco Rojo. 

Mike discovered his love for mountain biking in Moab when he was 13 and went onto race downhill throughout high school. Since then, Mike has developed his skill level and technique in a number of locations, including Colorado, Utah, Washington, and British Columbia. He has previously worked as an outdoor education instructor and trail builder. 

When Mike isn't biking, hanging out with his dog, Juan Rio, rafting, skiing, and enjoying what the western U.S. has to offer, he works as a race crew leader and trail advocate.



BICP Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor and Guide
Wilderness First Responder

Sasha was born in the hills of Tennessee. Spending as much time exploring in the woods as possible, his family then moved to Moab in 1984. Receiving a BMX bike at age 7 allowed even more freedom to explore.  Also an avid snowboarder with skate park experience,  it was a natural progression onto the mountain bike.   Everything changed after one gnarly ride with friends on a borrowed bike. The sense of empowerment from riding difficult trails clean was like nothing before.  Learning the art of bike mechanics at Rim Cyclery since 2007,  and becoming an instructor and guide with Magpie in 2014 allowed a way to share the love that is trail riding with others.


BICP Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor and Guide

Wilderness First Responder

Eric studied maps of Utah long before he arrived in Moab to guide 10+ years ago. Eric was on the original Solfun team back when Pat and Allan owned it and carries on the tradition of excellent customer service today He isn't happy if you're not! He's dedicated to making sure you have the BEST mountain bike ride of your vacation.



BICP Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor and Guide

Wilderness First Responder

Bikes. Bikepacking the Great Divide. Downhill riding. Wilderness therapy. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Travel. Survival skills. Engineer. Meet Laura. She caught the mountain biking STOKE at home on the trails in Santa Cruz, CA and hasn’t looked back since. The stars aligned when Laura’s enthusiasm for mountain biking paired with her love of helping others led her to Magpie Cycling. She is passionate about sharing her mountain biking stoke and helping others to reach their mountain biking goals or just simply have an awesome time riding the trails in Moab!


BICP Level 2 Skills Instructor and Guide

Wilderness First Responder

Andy has been coming to Moab to ride bikes and escape the dregs of ski seasons for  15 years.  He loves the trails in Moab and is still amazed by the views, which never seem to get old.
You know his type; you’ve met him in every mountain town. He is just as comfortable sleeping on a bed, a couch, the back of a truck, or the ground. He cooks Ramen with broccoli and calls it pho. He has a fine collection of used flannel shirts acquired from years of perusing thrift stores. His skis and bikes are worth more than the car he drives, which is a Subaru, of course.
He believes wholeheartedly in the culture of learning and constant positive energy that the Magpie family provides and is proud to be a part of it.

Catching my breath at the top of the cli


Reservations and Customer Relations

Nancy grew up in her family owned bike shop in North Dakota and has worked in the bike industry in some form for over 30 years. She has been living and riding in the Moab area for almost 15 years now. She enjoys riding, hiking, camping with her family, the occasional enduro race, and life in their little straw bale home. As a former mountain bike guide, she is happy to be able to raise her young daughter, work behind the scenes, and help YOU find the right mountain bike vacation!